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High Performance Training, with CD Fit

High Performance Training, with CD Fit, is the most effective, high-intensity training program in the DC/MD/VA area, pushing people to peak fitness desires. Our bottom line; we want to put you into the best shape of your life and stay fit for life.

Our extreme fitness regimen offers the most unique, exciting and motivating experience. Workouts are held both indoor and outdoor, providing creative and truly inspiring workouts for all fitness levels.

Now...have you started and then stalled your fitness routine? Are you bored with the same exercises? Do you lack motivation to get the results you desire? Then, High Performance Training is your answer! 

Take advantage of our
 current introductory offer for a Free One Month Trial, and get into the best shape of your life! (First-time trial participants of CD Fit only)

"I've never taken a class where i push myself beyond where I ever thought I could go, and I actually enjoy doing it, thanks to the positive feedback from my instructor." - Janis Beiber

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CD FIT: Clarence Duhart's fitness offerings encompass multiple training programs exclusive to the Washington DC area.

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