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Success Stories


DeShera Lassiter
CD Fit Landover AM Class

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Nicole Haskins
CD Fit Landover Evening Class

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Stephen McClellen
CD FIT Silver Spring Evening Class

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Lulu Muze
CD Fit Silver Spring Morning Class

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Laura Ritzenthaler
CD Fit Georgetown DC Morning Class

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Yvonne Phillips
CD FIT Georgetown DC 555am Class

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Cynthia Bowie
CD FIT Landover 5am Class

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Stephen McClellan
CD Fit Landover, MD 645pm Class

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Ksenia Boitsova
CD Fit Silver Spring, MD Morning Class

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Danielle White
CD Fit Georgetown DC Morning Class

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"Last year was very crucial in my life. A lot of big changes, including joining the military at the age of 35. Military has always been my dream, but only last year I was able to achieve it. My worst fear was trying to keep up with 18-20 year old soldiers, who are young and strong. I've decided to join a boot camp to be able to go through the training.

Needless to say, the CD FIT training system is outstanding and coach Jack is highly motivated, professional and dedicated to his job. His personal example helped to push through very hard times during training.

I successfully completed my training and graduated from AIT this April 2016. Because of CD FIT's boot camp training I was prepared and had no issues doing my PT and passing my tests. I actually was more physically fit than a lot of 18 years old. I also achieved another goal of getting over 300 on my PT test.

I would like to encourage everyone to believe in yourself. Stay motivated, dedicated and never give up on your dreams."

Viktoria Grygorian 
CD Fit Alexandria, VA 7pm Class 
Instructor: Jack Draper

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"Hi Clarence, This weekend our unit conducted a HEAT Training (roll-over). The purpose of the training is to teach Soldiers how to get out of their Humvees quickly and safely in case of a vehicle roll-over. It was my first time doing this exercise and I credit the ease in bracing myself upside down and pulling myself out of the Humvee to all of those handstand push-ups and body rows you make us do in CD Fit. Its CDFit in real life application!!! I've included a link of a HEAT Training I found on YouTube to give you an idea of the training. Thanks CD!"

Click Here for HEAT Training Video

Reverend Kelly Wilkins, M.Div. 
Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ 
Minister of Social Justice & Reentry
CD Fit Georgetown DC 555am Class
Instructor: Clarence Duhart

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"I am a Groupon deal to full-time member conversion and this is hands-down the best lifestyle and fitness choice you can make for yourself!  I have been a CD Fit member for a few years now and still every day I am excited to go to class and satisfyingly exhausted when I come home :) I haven't taken a class with all the instructors yet, but all of the trainers and class members that I have interacted with are positive, encouraging, and challenging.  I would liken this to college-level athletic/all-around training... but so much more. The classes have a great mix of cardio and weights (actual weights or body weight) and I love the education on proper form and execution, alternates for people with an injury or sensitivity, and health & fitness as a lifestyle.  Clarence is constantly posting great tips and info on the CD Fit FB page and in the CD Fit Lifestyle newsletter along with all the great knowledge from the trainers themselves and the nutritional coach.  

Currently I attend the 7pm Alexandria class with Coach Jack.  He is an absolutely fantastic trainer! He takes the time to instruct on both stretches and activities. He constantly is coming up with fun and creative workouts (fun runs, fire hoses, giant tires, partner exercises, agility ladder, football/bball/soccer inspired classes). The class members are awesome as well and there are people at all fitness levels. Even myself as someone who has played sports competitively for most of my life, there are things I do well at in class (sprints) and things that I am terrible at in class (upper body exercises)! Whatever the case may be for each member, we all encourage each other and the coaches push you to do your best.  In all honestly, the you will be sore the first couple weeks ( I was!) :) , but your classmates and coach will get you through it, and you will gain fitness, confidence, and an awesome community in return!"

- Eileen DeVillier
CD Fit Alexandria 7pm Class
Instructor:  Jack Draper


"I heard about the CD Fit program from a friend and decided to give it a try.  I had hit a plateau of sorts with my various classes at the gym and I wanted to challenge myself.  It was an amazing and humbling experience.  Having an instructor that is invested in making you stronger, faster and just plain better makes a huge difference.  Every day Clarence asks us to work outside our comfort zone, really push ourselves and give 100%.  And the reward is knowing that with every rep, every sprint, every "I can't"  and then you do, you are gaining confidence and maximizing your body's potential.  I have been with the CD Fit program for 3 1/2 years now and I have gone from the 8lb weights I brought for the first class (when I was promptly told to leave the "keychains" at home and bring real weights next time) to 30s.  I can do pull-ups, plyo push-ups, bear crawls, burpees and uphill sprints.  And I have made some wonderful friends who crawl through mud and under barb wire with me, who jump out of planes with me, who do overly ambitious Thanksgiving morning runs with me, who hike 10+ hours through the snowy fjords of Norway with me.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to challenge themselves and who are looking for a positive environment to stretch their exercise wings.  :)"

- Jenn Canis
CD Fit Georgetown DC 555am Class
Instructor:  Clarence Duhart


"CD Fit is the best exercise program I have ever joined.

The trainers are the most amazing, kind-hearted, encouraging and motivating people I have ever met in my life. It makes me feel like I have joined a healthy family and it makes me want to come to class every day, no matter if I don't feel like it or if it's 100 degrees outside. I respect them and push myself past my comfort levels not only for myself, but because I want to make them proud. I have gone up in weights from 8 lbs. to 20 lbs. and am working my way to get up to 25's. (I am 4'11" and ~100 lbs).

I broke off an engagement in January (2014) and was depressed and had very unhealthy eating habits. I decided I needed an abrupt change and became a member a few months later (Mar 2014). Since I joined CD Fit, I have lost 13 pounds (in 4 months from 111 lbs to 98 lbs @ 4' 11" tall). I have changed my eating habits and work out 4-5 times a week. Last year when I tried out CD Fit for the first time as a 2-month trial, I could only do pushups on my knees. Last week during our assessment, I found out I could do 38 pushups in 2 minutes - I had no idea I was capable of that. Also, last year I could only run a 10:00 minute mile. During our assessment I found out I can now run a 7:25 minute mile. I was SO surprised!

I'd like to thank CD Fit for providing us with the best motivation and workout programs I've ever experienced. I refer them to all of my friends but they think it's too "hardcore" for them. (I keep trying to convince them to at least try it with the Groupon). I hope to stay with this exercise program for as long as I possibly can!"

- Alexis Thornlow
CD Fit DC 630pm Class
Instructor:  Andrea Howard

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"So I have been a member of CD Fit for 5 years. Exercise is vital to me but I have always had difficulty pushing myself to the level of a real workout. CD Fit classes really meets all my needs.  The workouts are nicely varied to include cardio and strength training.  What I really appreciate is the sense of community that comes with the people in class. People who are serious athletes help and encourage others with average abilities. The instructors are attentive to you as an individual and modify routines around injuries and joint issues.  If you wonder if you are up to a rigorous class I can assure you that you can. I started at CD Fit at the rip old age of 55.  And although my instructors alter my routines a bit because of an old knee injury, I do what people 30 and often 40 years younger than I am do!  It's awesome. I'm in the best shape of my life. Check it out. You won't find anything like it anywhere else."

- Sara Davis
CD Fit Alexandria 7pm Class
Instructor: Jack Draper

"This is my second year with CD Fit, LLC after having spent 5 years with another boot camp.  I must say that CD Fit is the best!  I am a 65 year old woman and have never felt better!  The trainers are awesome and really give you your money's worth!  The cost for the program is reasonable and the owner is personable as well as professional as is his staff.  There are lots of extra's; free designated Saturday classes, bring a friend to class day, fun runs, special seminars on nutrition and lots more.  The owner also e-mails his clients a monthly newsletter on health issues and keeps us abreast on upcoming CD Fit events.  He also provides helpful tips on eating healthy and how to fix easy high protein snacks.  CD Fit is simply the best, five stars, plus!!"

- Denise King-Miller
CD Fit Silver Spring 545am Class
Instructor: Darren Jones

"My perspective about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle really changed one Saturday morning when I experienced intense chest pains before church. I drove to the nearest Care Station and learned that my blood pressure was 160/80 (VERY HIGH FOR MY AGE). The Care Station rushed me to the hospital because they thought I was having a heart attack, given the pains I was feeling in my chest. The hospital ran its own tests and, luckily, it was not a heart attack. In that moment, I knew I needed to make changes in my life. 

During the time I had experienced the chest pains, I was studying for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exams and working at an accounting firm. My work days ran really late, which is probably similar to many people in our class who are looking to create a better future for themselves. I also maintained a horrible diet, consisting of fast food and greasy Haitian food, and did minimal exercise. The amount of mental and physical exhaustion that I was experiencing at this time greatly contributed to my blood pressure being high. I then decided that my health had to be priority if I wanted to get the fullness of life, so I decided to leave that firm and continue my life in the DMV.

Someone told me of the CD Fit class since they had been doing CD Fit for a while, and they shared with me the class link and told me about their experience with it. I literally almost passed out my first day in CD Fit. In fact, I was told to lie down and put my legs up to get blood to my upper body.  Nevertheless, I didn't give up. I came the next day, gave it my all again, and, although I felt like passing out, I didn't want to be embarrassed again so I kept it to myself and recovered in my car.

My endurance is at an all-time high and my body striations are more visible than anytime before.  I have lost 30 pounds - from 189lbs to 159lbs and my blood pressure is much better than before at 128/73.  These results are due to the CD Fit course which helps with the physical build and informing participants about eating better through healthy, lean meals. I make no excuses for myself to miss class unless it is for work. Even if I arrived late to class, I would still make it out and let the participants comment on how late I was...."Come on DUDE!" (Thank you Team).   "FIT FOR LIFE...."

- Nerley Lausier
CD Fit Georgetown DC 555am Class
Instructor: Clarence Duhart

"New year new attitude and new approach. One of my friends referred me to CD FIT since my plan this year was to try a boot camp since I've never done one before and the older I get it's become difficult for me to lose weight. 

My friend was Clarence Duhart's first client ever in 1994 as well as one of CD Fit's first clients in 2009, and she had amazing results. I did my research looking at the videos of the routines and the personal stories of successes.  With all of that I'm not a morning person and with CD FIT there is a 6:30pm class at a convenient location. PERFECT!

In addition I'm a bargain shopper and other bootcamps are quite expensive so the additional attraction was the groupon/living social trial period so that I can see if this is really a good fit for me. 

Well I'm entering my fourth week and I love it. My instructor is Andrea and she's amazing. The routines are challenging and different every day.  I'm excited to go every session. I'm sweating like crazy my heart rate is out of this world. The routines though challenging are doable since Andrea is right there with you doing the routines. If you need a modification she's right there with alternatives so you're always moving and with encouragement!  

This has been a wonderful experience. I'm patiently waiting to be able to write my own weight loss success story."

- Patrice Clement
CD Fit DC 630pm Class
Instructor:  Andrea Howard

"I've worked out for the past 5 years but found myself not seeing many results.  I joined CD Fit in Nov 2014 because I needed to shake things up a little.  The workouts are challenging but my instructor at the Upper Marlboro location made me believe I was a lot stronger than I thought I was.  He encouraged me to push through when I thought I couldn't.  I consider everyone in my class teammates we encourage and cheer for each other daily.  If you want an atmosphere where you belong to a team CD Fit is the place.  You WILL see results if you work hard."

- Leslie Wiggins
CD Fit Mitchellville 7pm Class
Instructor: Judson Tallandier


"My weight loss journey has been a challenge. I can't remember a day that I didn't think about my weight and how I wanted to be super skinny. Funny how what we perceive true beauty to be and it has nothing to do with weight! Learning that now.

Almost a year ago, I participated in a 5k with some pretty cool coworkers. This was my first 5k. I had no real expectations except I thought, it can't be that tough. Well, I was wrong. For someone who hadn't done that much physical activity in years, it was a rude awakening. And the photos they took really hit me like a brick. I vowed that my next 5k would be better. So, I started actually using my gym membership with group classes and I tried CrossFit. I think CrossFit was good in some aspects but I didn't really like it. My friend Todd was talking about this really good Groupon deal he found with CDFit. I wasn't quite ready, actually scared, because he would come back totally drenched in sweat and completely worn out. The fun runs, the bear crawls and burpees, I was like no way I could do those things. He said the only way to progress is to push yourself. And he was right. So, I gave it a shot. I joined the 5:45am class in Mitchellville/Largo with Judson, and that's where the terms "don't bring those baby rattlers next time" and "easy work today people" became terms of endearments! Everyone encourages you and that really helps. I am getting stronger and I am losing the weight that I want.

The last challenge (CD Fit's 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge) helped push up my weight loss. I eliminated soda and store bought juices, fried foods, fast food, white bread, pasta and cut back on the sugary stuff. I limited my carb intake to before noon and after that, it was pretty much meat and dark green vegetables. I dropped a little over 10 lbs in 21 days. I'm proud of myself because for the first time in a very long time, I'm putting me first! 

Thank you Clarence for having a program like CDFit. Thank you Judson for making getting up at 4:30am worth it! Thank you Todd for giving me the push and encouragement I so desperately needed. And saving the best for last, thanks to my daughter Aja, for pushing me out of bed."

- Deirdre Baruti
CD Fit Largo 545am
Instructor:  Judson Tallandier


"I joined CD Fit in Washington DC (they practice down by the waterfront) back in 2012 in September.  Not only is Clarence Duhart one of the most motivating instructors I have ever encountered but he is fun, creative, challenging and most importantly high energy.  The workout is really early in the morning at 5:45 and upon arrival I have to admit my first thoughts are, "I am not a morning person... ugh I am so tired" but after about 20 mins into the workout, I am so GLAD to be there, so awake and have great energy to carry me through the day.

I convinced my boyfriend  and a friend to join (he is definitely a beginner when it comes to sports) and Clarence and his team of trainers were able to help him get quickly acquainted to fitness and how to use weights safely.  Having played sports my entire time in highschool and a bit of college CD Fit's group reminded me greatly of the team environment I missed from back in the day.  His fitness crew accommodates anyone any size beginner to athlete any age.  I have bad knees and there was always a modification to ensure that my knee did not worsen.

The variety of the workouts and the fact that you never know what you are doing on any given day make it super exciting.  I loved the fun runs the most to different destinations each class (who can say at 9am they have already seen the Lincoln Memorial that day?!)."

- Jackie Paranzano
CD Fit Georgetown DC 555am Class
Instructor: Clarence Duhart


"Having grown up participating in sports I never thought about my physical health until I woke up in my 40's and realized I needed to make some changes.  I started CDFit 4 years ago and it has become a mainstay in my life.  Since joining the class I have dropped 45 pounds and put on 20 pounds of muscle.  I have completed 2 Tough Mudders, a Spartan Race, a Savage Race and 2 Warrior Dash's since joining the class.  Clarence makes the classes vey challenging and encompasses the total body.   Last summer (2015) I had a friend visit who I hadn't seen in over 3 years when she saw me she shared that I looked fitter and younger than I did the last time we had seen each other.  This is what CDFit has done for me."

- Steven Smith
CD Fit Georgetown DC 555am Class
Instructor:  Clarence Duhart

"1-1/2 to 2 years ago I was racing in 7-9 triathlons or adventure races a year. Plus all the workout that goes along with it. Then my back started to hurt bad after I would run. I went to a Orthopedic surgeon and they wouldn't do anything for me. So 1 year ago today I went to the Laser Spine Institute in Philadelphia. They laser open between L3 and L4 and L5. My spine is like new. They said I could run, bike swim, lift or do anything I want to do. I know I have some Arthritis in my lower back. This is what causes my back to tighten some times. Father Time... 

So that's my back...

This is me....
April 18th 2013- before my surgery I weighed 224 lbs and 24% body fat( the worse shape of my life).

January 10th 2014 (the day I join CD Fit) I weighed 214 lbs and 22% body fat.  April 18th 2014  I weigh 188 lbs and 15% body fat 

Sorry this may be long, but I just think you should know this.


-Kenny Weddle

"Boot Camp Chronicles

Top 4 Reasons Drill Sergeant Clarence Duhart is CRAZY:

1) Kick your face!! (his explanation for scissor kicks, but I really feel he meant it)

2) He says walking is for old people (run, jog, or just fall out --- but whatever you do, DON'T WALK!!)

3) Don't take my seriousness as me being mean (uh, how about firm?!! .... that workout was brutal)

4) Guy next to me said we looked like a Picasso, and I wholeheartedly agree (inside I was even broken like one)

....but every one of us keep coming back because RESULTS don't lie (I FEEL GOOD)!"

- Chanekqua Geddis

"I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and Darren.
In my 20’s I did quite a bit of running including some longer distances, but I stopped back in 2006 when my knees started bothering me. After that I basically didn’t run anything longer than 3 miles (5k charity races) and even wearing a patella band I would be limping at the end.

Since starting boot camp last summer I could tell that my legs had gotten stronger, and I started doing some longer runs with my wife who is training for a half marathon. On Sunday I did the Cherry Blossom 10 miler for the first time in 8 years. Even having forgotten my patella band at home I was able to finish the race with practically no pain. (My pace sucked but I will chalk that up to being 35 rather than in my 20s).

So thank you for all that you do, and thanks to Darren for keeping it fresh and challenging every Monday and Wednesday."


-Matt Coffron

"Thank you for checking in. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes. The classes really encourage me to push myself harder than I do when I work out on my own.

I initially started the program a few months back so I could tone up for my upcoming wedding in October. I was a little ambitious in getting a wedding dress one size smaller than the wedding boutique recommended back in April, thus I was determine to loose a few inches around my hips. Sure enough I received my wedding dress last week and it is a perfect fit."

-Vivian Chu

"Good Morning Clarence...Thanks for checking in on me. Class is great in respect to the exercises and the instructor knowledge. I did not know what to expect, but I like the format, upper body one day, lower body the next day, sounds doable right? 

Well, my first week as others will attest to, was quite challenging to say the least. I made it through and was glad that Friday finally rolled around, thankful that I was teleworking on Thursday and off on Friday. Every muscle in my body was talking to each other and they all were singing the same song … ouch … OMG … what are you doing to us? All that aside, I packed my exercise bag last night and I am ready to start week 2. The instructor Judson is great! He is knowledgeable, helpful, funny, and determine to see us meet our goals. Where do you find these beasts! 

I know from experience, and from what Judson keeps telling us, our muscles will not hurt as much as we become stronger. Judson also encourages us to challenge ourselves each time we come to class. He says, “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.” Right, I will believe that one when I feel it! LOL." 

-Therest Segears

"My experience with you all was pure torture….. and I LOVED it!! :-) Each of you are exceptional trainers and motivators. I’ve never in life worked out so hard or been so sore afterwards. Although I didn’t attend every workout session offered during my promotional term, I lost weight (I posted pics on facebook) and am continuing to work toward my fitness goal.

Thank you all again for the amazing experience. You’re the BEST!!"

- Shena Williams

"Ok, Clarence, it is official, I am more confident and definitely stronger since joining CD Fit! This time last year, I have seen such a big change in my body and strength! The wheel barrels and bear crawls, down and back up are a true testament! A year ago I couldn’t do a wall push-up (hand stand push-up) or chin up! You push us like no other and I love it……yikes, I am paying for this torture and abuse……,but I keep on coming back for more! Gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!" 

- Kathy Streeter

"Good morning Clarence...My groupon special is ending this month and I am interested in continuing my membership. I've lost about 9 lbs and I feel stronger than I felt since high school!"

-Shavona Wright

"Thanks so much for checking on me. I’m truly enjoying the class. For years, I have been trying to find a workout plan. I have dropped about 10 lbs and my goal is another 5-7lbs. From that point, I will just maintain the weight.

I am now purchasing new clothes that FIT (that’s a good thing). I have come down two pants sizes.

Again, thanks so much for checking on me. I am happy, loving it, losing weight and getting fit all at the same time,

Be blessed!"

-Troy Higginbotham

"I wanted to thank you for your 
program. I have lost about 10 lbs since May and gained a lot of 
strength and endurance. I feel much better than I did 3 months ago."

- John Hawkins

"CD FIT has changed my life significantly and Clarence is a great motivator.  When I started I was 188lbs and around 22% BF.  When I left his program (due to a job/geography change), I was at 168 and 11% BF (dropped 22.88lbs of fat and gained 2.88lbs of muscle).  

In the beginning, I was almost dying after 5mins for every workout session.  However, my stamina and strength quickly improved and I was seeing results within the first month.  The results quickly motivated me to keep in his program and work harder.  I feel that with his tutelage I became one of the strongest attendees in my class.  Clarence’s guidance on physical training and the importance of nutrition has changed my life.  I have more energy now, I thirst to work out at least 5 times a week, and I am perturbed when I can’t work out that often.  I have taken his exercise program and used it to develop my own boot-camp workout to perform on my own in local gym.  I am happy that I am still in great shape and able to complete similar programs.  I even do my own “fun runs” still and get crazy looks from my neighbors! :-)
I would recommend Clarence and his program for any new comers that are anxious for results.  His program will grow your confidence and you will be empowered to learn what fitness and being healthy really means.  Your stamina and strength will improve and your desire to workout will grow as well."

- Dave Denbow

"I've come a long way thanks to you and your program. I'm in it to win it!!!!!!  Consistency and eating clean pays off. All courtesy of CD Fit: High Performance Training."  

- Raytesha Outing

"I want to thank you for the work you do.  I really enjoy your classes, even though I now live in a constant state of physical pain!  I appreciate your attention to each individual in the class, and I feel very motivated to work hard." 
- Rebecca Yoskowitz

"I have to admit that the program did something for me. I never went more than twice a week (for 2 months) but yet I lost 7 lbs and went down 1 waist size. Kris and Andrea will tell you that I'm probably one of the worst students in the class but yet they were still able to generate positive results so kudos to them." 

 - Larry Williams

"My experience with CD Fit has been great. Darren is wonderful. I've only had about a month of a workout but I have seen the difference in my body."

 - Melinda Boodhoo

"I do want to continue, especially since it works!  I started off at 145 lbs at the beginning, 5/23/13, and now weigh 124 lbs, 7/29/13, and I feel so much healthier and stronger."

- C. Rae Montilla

 "PREACH!!!! You are so right Clarence, when you told me to stop using my 10's and 12's to go to 15 and then 20 I never thought I could but I can and I AM! The good news, just in the last month I am down 6 lbs and have dropped a whole dress size! :) Yes we HATE you when you do this to us but in the end THANK YOU for believing in us more than we believe in ourselves! Fit4Life! :) Thanks to Kristopher Boswell and Andrea Howard, too! :)"
- Silvia Perez-Rathell

"Darren is a superb instructor, he really pushes me because he sees my physical potential. The workouts are intense and that's just what I needed. I am not a morning person by any means but the fact that I've only missed 1 workout should say a lot about the class. I thoroughly enjoy my classmates and Darren because we all push each other to the max. I have lost 12 pounds since starting and feel great. I am closer to my goal weight, therefore, I owe your workouts and Darrens instructions a big THANK YOU." - Marissa Orr

"I have to say a huge THANK YOU! Today, I RAN!!! This is the first time since 2005 and a bad accident where I didn't know if I was even going to walk again. You have amazing trainers and Jack pushed me today farther than I've been pushed since 2002.

I appreciate you dragging yourself out of bed to do what you do so very well! It means a lot - to me - that you are the man that you are. As crazy as we all are for coming out to get our butts kicked every says a whole lot about you and your program! So thank you, Kris, Ebony, Damond, Jack, Dana, and Judson...I love waking up knowing I'm going to get the bomb workout!!! Keep doin what you do!!!!!!" -  Holly Foster

"If I didn't workout there would be some unhappy family members (joke, joke). It keeps me grounded and I see clearly. When I tell people about CD Fit and what time we do boot camp they are appalled with how early we get up to take the beat down that we do...but in the end I am a better person for it and I will continue as long as I can! Let it rip!" - Kathy Streeter

" I truly enjoy working out. My life wouldn't be what it is w/o it!  I'm trying to live to be 120 years old, and the benefits (of rigorous exercise) far exceed the discomfort!! Pain is weakness leaving the body!" - Pamela Toe

"You know when I tell people that we get up in the wee hours to have someone in your face telling you to give it a hundred percent, sweat rolling in your ears, your new manicure chipping from gripping the weights, the first thing people say is that is discipline. It never dawned on me that it is discipline because we love and enjoy the benefits. 

Yes, it is discipline to get out of bed when everyone else is sleeping in and eating whatever they want to eat. Yes it is discipline to work hard, to trust the process even when you can not see the changes. It is crazy discipline when there are days when you struggle with the given exercises yet everyday you show up and keep getting up..........Yup discipline......... We got it good............"
- Deborah Parker

"I would get my hair done on the weekend to be cute for the weekend (if i'm not working out) and right after it is back in a pony tail Monday morning for our workout. I come to work with a pony tail or leave it out to air dry after washing the sweat out when I get home with no time to blow dry or style. They (co-workers) will ask me, 'what's up with your hair?' I just simply respond with, 'I worked out this morning.'

Lol, I remember when I first started out people would ask me what time do I work out and where is it. I would tell them and being that they know where I live they would say, 'Well what time do you get up in the morning.' Then of course I would go on to tell them I get up at 4:20, get dressed and walk down to the train station to catch the first train that leaves at 5:07 and I get to Foggy Bottom by 5:37. Their response usually is, 'Whooo, that's dedication, or that is crazy or that couldn't be me. I need my sleep.' LOL, I just laugh. I LOVE MY WORKOUT ADDICTION!!! Even when C-Pain is in my face or yelling 'I didn't tell you to stop' when it's all over I love the feeling." - Aiisha Smiley

"So many people are alive today because I work out! Hahaha! But I work out hard because I LOVE it... Pushing myself to see how far I can go... Awesome feeling!" - Jenn Canis

"Thank you so much for the email. The classes are going well and I am very much looking forward to transitioning from a Groupon trial to a regular client. I find you and your staff very supportive and it is truly making a difference in my quest to reach my fitness goals.
I’m proud to report, after completing only 5 weeks of boot camp; my weight has decreased by 19.5 lbs. and my overall measurements by over 4 inches….WOW!!  I’ve notice the most significant difference in my abdominal area. Strengthening my core has changed my posture, the stride in my walk, and little things like lacing my shoes. 
I have nothing but great things to say about your establishment.  I’ve tried other boot camps in the past, only to drop-out after a week or two.  When you know better, you do better, right? Well, thanks is due to you for teaching your clients the right way to fitness achievement, accepting nothing short of  hard work, and creating a platform that feels like each and every person belongs, regardless of their individual fitness level.  CDFit keeps me motivated and the added bonus of the meal plan has made a major impact in this being a lifestyle change, not just a boot camp to drop a few dress sizes.
I think I may have shared these pics with you, but I’m so very proud of my accomplishments and they serve as a staple of motivation for me. (see the site for pics)
I’m a believer…Fit for Life!!!!" - Cheryl Smith

"Before giving birth to five beautiful children, James 19, Sarah 18, John 12, little Deborah 11 and Joshua 5 my pre-baby weight remained consistent at 120 lbs. Wow, how that all changed with each pregnancy. Each pregnancy saw a significant weight gain and loss. I was frustrated and at times depressed during that season. Giving birth to John, my weight reached its highest of 199 lbs., nine months later I gave birth to little Deborah at 145 lbs. I became a vegan a year after giving birth to Deborah and returned to my pre-baby weight of 120 lbs. Six years later and a vegan I gave birth to Joshua weighing in at delivery, 145 lbs.

My journey to get my body back started after giving birth to Joshua. I started with CD Fit with the sole intent of losing weight. I suffered from the symptom of the "Skinny Fat" syndrome. I was slim yet possessed a lot of body fat. On June 28, 2012, I weighed 131.5 lbs with 23.3 percent of body fat  (30.508lbs of fat and 100.992lbs of lean mass). As of October 8, 2012, I am weighing 127.6 lbs with 19.4 percent of body fat (24.892lbs of fat and 102.108lbs of lean mass). I am more consistent with my attendance in Boot Camp which translates into more muscle mass and less body fat (Difference: dropped 5.616lbs of fat weight/mass and gained 1.116lbs of lean mass/weight).

My vegan eating habits has improved tremendously. CD Fit has transformed my relationship with food. Every morsel is dissected into its nutritional value in the context of how it will strengthen and build new muscle. Thanks to CD Fit, I now journal my daily weight, body fat, water mass, bone and muscle mass. I am excited about this journey and anticipating reaching my daily goals. I am not at my goal, but I am far from my beginning and closer to my destination." -
Deborah Parker




"I started CD Fit during the summer of 2010 and believe me when I say that this fitness boot camp is THE TRUTH! Subjecting myself to Clarence’s intense and often insane workouts has helped me to drop a total of 31lbs and build up my strength and endurance. I can confidently say that his program has helped me to reconnect with the athlete of my youth as the class pushes me too and beyond limits that I didn't know I could achieve. It is a program that makes me feel good about myself and my accomplishments and challenges me to set new goals and higher expectations for myself.

It is important for me to note, that my results weren't automatic or steady. In fact, I yo-yoed for the first year and a half of Clarence’s program. I would lose weight but then gain it back. This was frustrating to me and I couldn't understand why the weight would not stay off. Well, after a year and a half of trial and error I have come to understand that this: “Fitness is not a fad…It is a lifestyle change!”

Most importantly, the key to achieving your fitness goals is nutrition, nutrition, and nutrition. Having learned this lesson, I now follow a very strict nutrition plan that consists of 5-6 small, well-balanced meals. Although I follow a plan created by a nutrition specialist,
Clarence’s advice regarding diet is valuable information that will allow you to create a nutrition plan that’s right for you and your fitness goals. In addition to following a strict nutrition plan, I do extra cardio throughout the week. This adds variety to my workout routine and prevents me from plateauing. 

CD Fit has become a mainstay in my fitness journey. Clarence is an awesome trainer! His program and guidance has helped me immeasurably on my fitness journey. I feel great and am undeniably “Fit for Life!”' - Courtney McRae

"Last year, I reached my highest weight of 227lbs. I started working out on my own and managed to lose 11lbs, but fell off (gained 4lbs back). After seeing the morning CD Fit class running around Georgetown, it encouraged me to contact Clarence about joining.

Since joining CD Fit in December 2011, I have loss 39lbs in 12 months as of Nov 2012 (46lbs total). I am super happy about that, but I am working hard to lose even more weight. If it were not for Clarence’s nutritional guidance and advice, I would still be struggling to lose weight. Now, I know what to eat, when, and how to eat.

Joining CD Fit High Performance Training has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my life!" - Sakima Jones

"In January 2011, I topped out at 154.2 pounds (I stand barely 5 feet 3 inches tall), my doctors were ready to fire me as a patient, and I looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy (a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at a sitting will do that). When Lent arrived I gave up all “treats,” but the best thing that happened was the Kris and Clarence promotion in my office building at lunch time. Probably for the first time in my life I actually broke a sweat, in fact could not believe how hard I worked, and finished that first class soaked, breathless and exhilarated. By dinner time I was ravenous and by next afternoon I was pretty stiff and sore. But I was hooked, and the weight really began to drop.

By the time the promotional lunchtime classes ended, I was lighter, but more important - I was leaner, and REALLY impressed my extended family when I saw them at a wedding in California that August. I was so addicted to these boot camp sessions that I got the required medical clearance (because I am a senior citizen) and signed on for the early morning classes, where I continue to ever so slowly but steadily improve in strength, tone and stamina.

Clarence’s diet guidance mainly keeps me cognizant of how easily one can stray, but also how relatively easy it is to eat correctly and well. This coaching is my touchstone these days. I eat pretty much what I want, but I want mainly the good stuff. Actually crave fresh veggies now.

 Clarence’s (and Kris’s) belief in my ability is often greater than my own, their encouragement is indispensable. It is what gets me up and moving at what I consider an unnaturally early hour four days a week. My friends and I continue to marvel that I do this; I even got up for early morning solitary runs through the city during my recent vacation abroad.

 So in short, over the course of a year my cholesterol has dropped 100 points, my BMI has gone from obese to normal, weight in down twenty-plus pounds, my BP is a pleasant surprise at every check-up, clothing size has dropped from snug 12’s and 14’s to comfortable 6’s and 8’s, I have some VERY happy doctors, and I am regularly told how great I look. Not bad for an old broad.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you, Clarence. No exaggeration at all to say that I could not have done it without you.

 To the other over-65’s out there, come on in. You won’t regret it, but surely will regret not trying." - Stephanie Lowe

"I started with Clarence in April of 2010. I was, basically, in a cycle...I would workout, get in pretty decent shape and then slack off. Once starting with Clarence, honestly, I initially continued the cycle.

Clarence gives you all the tools you need to get to where you want to be. Ultimately you have to make the choice to do what it takes, in the gym and out. Over the past 6 months, I have made the choice to not only workout but to change my eating habits, as well. As a result, I started to see change (lost 20 lbs and dropped from a size 10 to a size 4).

Clarence is really great at encouraging you and I am a witness that he stays on you when he sees you slacking off. I needed and still need that!!! I love the intensity of the class and the camaraderie amongst the participants. It really helps to motivate me!!!."Devona Faulk

"Words cannot express how much CD Fit has made a difference in my life!

I started bootcamp in June '11 a few months after giving birth to my second child. I thought my body was ruined and I would never be back at my pre-pregnancy weight.

Now, after 8 months of bootcamp and following Clarence's advice regarding diet and adding yoga, I have lost 36 lbs total (14 lbs lost during CD Fit's 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge in Nov 2011 and 12 lbs in February's 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge)! I am excited to be only 15lbs away from my ideal weight!

My workout plan:
Bootcamp class, 4 days per week
Dance Class, 1 day per week
Bikram yoga, 1-2 per week

I eat 5 meals per day of about 300 calories each. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two snacks.
From Saturday night to Friday night, I eat only lean proteins and vegetables, non fat dairy, nuts, beans, and fruit.

 The weekends, I try to stay with the same plan but I add back whole grains and I have two cheat meals including dessert and maybe some type of alcohol (yes!).
Sunday afternoon, I get back on the weekday plan.

Following this plan, I find that I'm not hungry, I'm less bloated and I get all my cravings in. Most weekends, I don't even feel like pigging out, I will take a small amount of high fat or high sugar stuff and then I've satisfied that craving.

This program is all about being fit for life and having the energy to live life to the fullest. I feel so much stronger and happier.

Clarence, your workouts are so much fun, never boring, and are borderline psychotic! I know I'll reach my goal weight very soon with your support and guidance.

 Thank you to all the bootcampers who encourage and motivate me. To all
you mommies trying to lose baby weight, CD Fit is the only way to go!"
Let's get it!"
~Melissa Willis

"It's been two years since I checked in with my fitness progress. The last time I wrote I in 2009, I was down from a 36in to 33in waist; I dropped from 185lbs to 172lbs, and my body fat percentage dropped from 18% to around 8-10%. Even though I looked fit, I still didn't feel like I was reaching my maximum potential. I didn't feel as strong as I wanted to and I still was not satisfied with my muscular endurance.

With Clarence's training and tips I modified my diet and increased the intensity of my workouts, pushing myself to go beyond my limits. I'm now up to 181lbs but I've kept my body fat % at 8% and maintained a 33in waist. I'm stronger than I was in 2009 and my recovery time from strenuous activity has shortened significantly. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life but Clarence has not let me become complacent and continues to push me to the limit each and every workout."
- Ulrick Casseus

"Before starting with CD Fit, I was stuck in that cycle of inconsistency and ineffective workouts, stressing over getting exercise and frustrated because I had not realized my desired results. Today, I feel stronger and more fit than I have felt in many years and I am so thankful to CD Fit.

Between late spring/early summer of 2010, when I joined CD Fit, and January 2011, I dropped from 150 lbs to 132 lbs. I have dropped from a size 10 to a loose size 6 (meaning they are too big now!).

More importantly, my overall health has improved tremendously. After taking blood pressure medication for more than a decade, I am now free of medication and have been so since February 2011. I feel great and thanks to CD Fit, I am well on my way to being FIT FOR LIFE!! Thank you
."- Camille Sabbakhan

I know you like your success stories and now that I’m officially at one year with you, here is mine  (July 2010 to July 2011).

I started boot camp five months after giving birth to my second daughter. I wanted to get back into shape and lose some of the weight I’d had yet to lose from the pregnancy (I’d gained 53 pounds with the pregnancy—I’d lost about 30 of that on my own just from eating correctly.)

In one year I’ve: 1) Lost 28 lbs, 2) Went from 26% body fat to 20% body fat, 3) Lowered my Cholesterol w/o medication.

I can’t tell you how angry I am that I gave away all sorts of clothes after I gave birth believing I’d never get back to my pre-pregnancy weight! Today, I’m actually at a lower weight and size than I was even at my wedding 6 years ago!

Thanks so much. You know I love to complain during the workouts but love to get the compliments that the work outs get me." -
Meredith Hurt

"There are too many words to describe Clarence Duhart , but I will attempt to give you the best words to describe him. Tough, strong, a committed motivator and devoted to his work. I have been with Clarence for over 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Five years ago I began my weight loss journey at a whopping two hundred and eighty-five pounds. I made my mind up to finally lose the weight in 2005. I started out walk-running around the Jefferson Memorial in downtown D.C. I started losing weight (first 100 lbs initially) and feeling better about myself. Shortly after I became pregnant and gained about 40 pounds of my weight back.

After my daughter was born I immediately went back to my work-out routine. I realized that just running was not enough, that’s when my girlfriend introduced me to Clarence. Once I started boot-camp the weight just started melting off. I was in the best shape of my life, my endurance, strength and speed were at the highest they had ever been. Clarence over the years has helped me maintain a healthy weight of one hundred and sixty pounds. I will always stay committed to exercise and Clarence’s vision of being Fit for Life. Thanks Clarence!" - Renee Williams

"I am sending you a quick email to share my weight loss success story. I started boot camp on July 26th, 2010 and the first week was really tough for me since I was really out of shape. Kris and you were amazing and help me through the first week and encouraged me not to give up.

I did change my eating lifestyle and have been eating more veggies fruits and less processed foods and sugar. I also stay active when there is no class such as taking dance classes, yoga and cycling at my gym.
I am glad to let you know that I lost 36 lbs since starting boot camp! I am very proud of myself and glad that you have been part of it and help me through it! I feel sexier and healthier, lol! Well, I still have a few more lbs to lose and then will need to tone up and I am sure you can help me with it!

I would like to thank you for being a wonderful, caring, loving, and tough trainer that really cares about the success of his clients."
- Nadjma Judicaella

"I'm happy to report that I've lost 16 lbs since beginning to train with you 3x/week two months ago (Mar 2009 to May 2009)! I've been following your diet plan, eating only fruit before 12pm, and have cut out processed foods in favor of lean proteins, lots of vegetables and whole grains. I "cheat" on the weekends, letting myself eat whatever I want from Friday night until Sunday morning. However, I've found that sometimes after eating poorly on a Friday night, I am ready to get back on track and don't need the rest of the weekend to "cheat".

Three out of the four days that we don't have class, I get some type of cardio in...a run, a spin class or a good workout on the elliptical machine. Sundays are off days.

I'm very happy with my results so far, and look forward to continuing the workouts!" - Shauna Smith

"I rejoined CD Fit in May 2011 and I was 205 lbs. Started the Nov 1st, 2011 CD Fit Weight Lost Challenge @ 182 lbs. I weighed myself today, 11/18/11, and I'm happy to report that I'm now 170 lbs...I am hoping to lose 5 more pounds by December 1st. Thanks are my inspiration!" - Anita Cox

"I have lost a total of 16 lbs since beginning HPT (attending the evening class 2 days per week) in January 2011 (to July 2011)!!! FIT 4 LIFE!!!" - 
Michelle "Bootcamp Diva" Browne

"Just wanted you to know that during the month I spent with CD Fit (June 2010), my cholesterol levels dropped from 223 to 165. My weight also dropped to my goal of 185. I haven't been able to replace your boot camp in Houston yet, but I'm still looking. Say hello to the team, and I hope to join in on a special CD Fit boot camp in the near future." -
 Keith Williams 


"Since starting with you in June, I have lost a total of 12 lbs and am back into my size 8 clothing comfortably. Size 6 here we come :-) Your motivation and good advice are certainly something I don't think I could have gotten anywhere else. The encouragement and the additional push for the class has been just as essential in my fitness quest. And for that and for them I give you a huge "Thank You"!" - Kariba Tillman

"Sorry for the delay C-PAIN! I have to tell you that you are such a God send!!!!!!!!!! I have not felt like myself in a few years and as good as I do these past few months until I finally focused, buckled down and now take time for me! Starting and maintaining a rigid and often stressful business, not working out or focusing on good eating habits caused me to gained an average of 7lbs a year. In three years, I found myself ballooning from 140 to 162.

In February 2010 I knew I had to do something when the scale read 162 lbs and I was a size 8. I am currently 142 lbs and in a conformable size 6 and has steadily maintained this weight for the past two months. In order to get off the initial core husk, sacrificing only a few hours a week with CD fit's personal training sessions toned my body, increased my muscle mass as well as increased my metabolism. 

In addition, from March 1-March 31, I incorporated the "Daniel Fast" for spiritual and physical cleansing. This is a pure vegan NOT vegetarian meal plan.This fast included all whole wheat products, no sugar, no tea, no caffeine, no coffee, no meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no processed foods, no hydrogenated oils (olive oil only) Yes, it was not easy for the first 7 days but it was smooth sailing after readily preparing for each meal for each day and each week! Fruits, veggies, whole wheat bread, pasta, and rice. WATER! WATER and more WATER! AS a treat and if time allowed, I made fresh orange juice with my juicer! It was purely through the spiritual realm!:) However, it was well worth it! I feel great physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! I even see my six pack coming back! WHOOT WHOOT!
Before and after pictures coming soon! SMOOCHES!" - Brandi Nave

"I recently moved to DC to be with my daughter. For the past 2 years I have been trying to loose weight and to exercise as much as I can. I have done Ok but it wasn't until I arrived to DC from Houston, Texas that I could see real results in the 4 weeks that I have been doing the training program that Clarence Duhart offers. He has had the time to teach me, to substitute any of the exercises that I am not capable of doing due to a knee problem, and even though that I am not in the level of the other participants the results have been amazing. I have lost 12 pounds in four weeks and I know that I will loose some more with the sensible eating and nutrition program Clarence offers and the work outs 4 times a week.
At the present moment I have been in the program for 3 months and I have lost a total of 20 pounds. I 'm super happy. Thanks Clarence!

How did I found out about the fitness program?. When I arrived in DC I started walking 1 and a half miles down 14th street. One day I saw a group of people exercising outside in front of Thomas circle. I stood and observed the class and wondered if I would be able to do this training. I waited for his class to finish and then I approached Clarence to ask him about the training. With his big smile and friendliness he told me that I could do it and will benefit from it. Well, I now know that he was right and not only have I benefited from the classes by losing weight, I also have more energy, less pain everywhere and mostly feel good about myself.

I can't thank you enough, Clarence, for taking me under your wings and giving me all the support that I needed it to stick to this program that I firmly believe is a great program for all ages.

Thank you and keep up the good job!" - Gisi Palmer

"Just wanted to let you know how I've been progressing since joining CD Fit the second week of April '09.
What I did (as of Aug 18, 2009 - - 4 months):
  • I lost 13 lbs (185 down to 172)
  • I lost 8% bodyfat (18% down to 10%)
  • Dropped from a 35/36 waist to a 32
  • Ran a 5K and my first 10K and did well in both.
  • Went from struggling to get through a workout with 15lb dumbells to working w/ 30's.
  • Max pushups went from 20 to 50
  • At the beginning of my workouts I could only do 10 pullups. 3 weeks ago (Jul '09) I did 20 after doing an HPT workout -- and that was my first time touching a pullup bar since March '09.
How I did it:
  • HPT -- when it was 3x's a week, I did HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training for extra cardio) on Tue and Thur; now I just do HPT 4x's a week (which includes HIIT everyday of class).
  • I follow the nutrition plan -- fruits until 12:30; steamed veggies or a salad and 1/2 sandwich at 12:30; other sandwich half at 3pm; fruit and a handfull of almonds at 5pm; salad at 6:30pm; dinner at 7:15; and some more almonds if I get hungry again later on.
  • I drink about 4 liters of water a day and try to drink 1 cup of green or black tea.
  • I take full advantage of the weekend ( 2-3 drinks, ice cream, and baked goods) so I wont be tempted to cheat during the week. At around 3pm on Sunday I start hydrating again.
Thanks again for the advice and the encouragement!" - Ulrick Casseus

"I am just coming down from my wedding high. Edward and I had an amazing weekend surrounded by our close family and friends. I just wanted to personally say thank you for helping me reach my fitness goals so that I could look stunning on my wedding day. I joined your fitness program in mid-May '09 and since this time I have lost 16 pounds (mid-Aug '09), I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I can actually fit into some of my "go get em' dresses" (I have to stash them away now that I am a Mrs. but I did wear one of my "go get em dresses" for my bachelorette)."

"Thanks for helping me to appreciate that my morning fitness hour is essential to "good living." I love your energy (you are definitely following your bliss) and I love the sistercircle we have created (plus the brothers of course-smile). I told all of my friends my secret to slimming down and they were all eager to sign up with your program. Can a sister get a referral fee? (smile). Create a beautiful day." - Tracy Lloyd

"I joined CD Fit in May '09. I am 6’0 tall, and was 43 when I started your class. I weighed in at a whopping 195 lbs (a lot heavier than I want to be). Other than having my last son, this was the heaviest I have been in my life! I had not exercised in two years (with the exception of playing golf).

Before joining CD Fit, I could not do a push-up, became easily winded, and your so-called “fun runs” were no fun at all! Since that time (3 months), however, I’ve had a birthday, lost 23 lbs and 18 ½ inches, and can actually do a push-up or two J , I am not as winded as I used to be, and the “fun runs” are becoming more fun. I realize it’s early in this lifestyle change, but without your pushing, and sometimes painful prodding, this would not have been possible. So, I guess the short of it is---THANX! I would not have done this w/o you." Thanks! - Lashon M. Hilliard 


"Yes, that was my first 10K (Caribean Sounds 10k on 7/11/09). The official results were posted today. My official time was 47 minutes, 58 seconds. 22nd place out of 240 runners." - Phillip Stone


"When I first joined Fit for Life (CD Fit/HPT fitness program and following the nutrition program from the "Fit For Life" book) my ultimate goal was to beat Diabetes, I was diagnosed in June 2006, and that was my worse nightmare come true, this disease is on both sides of my family and when I heard those words I knew if I did not take control early I would be in the same place as two of my cousins in their 40's on dialysis for life or until kidneys are found. While on vacation this 4th of July one of my male cousins was in the hospital having his leg amputated because of this disease.

Diabetes is serious, so when I joined I told Clarence my goal was to beat Diabetes. I've achieved this goal on July 2nd 2009, three years after my initial diagnosis my doctor was excited to tell me to stop all medications and continue my quest with FIT FOR LIFE......

I have been working out with Clarence since mid April 2009, this is GREAT..." - Jeanette B. Wanzer

"Thanks Clarence! Because you force me to push myself I have lost 20 lbs. and 12 inches....from late April '09 to June '09!" - Lashon M. Hilliard

"Great News!! As of July 1st. I have lost 7 lbs. I've been with you about 7 weeks now and it's working great. So that adds up to be a pound a week!! I'm so happy!! 

Thanks Clarence for your encouragement and understanding." - Treva Smith


"Hey! I lost 4 lbs putting me at 128. my goal is 125 so 3
more to go. I feel so much better especially around my midsection.
Thanks Clarence for pushing me!!!" - Tracie Dickson

"I was JUST about to say kudos to you for helping me change my life but I figured I've said it a zillion times!! HAHA. Dude, I'll forever b grateful to u! Because I can honestly say if it weren't for you, being my instructor, getting into my head, pushing me but making it fun as well & helping me understand its a way of life, I couldn't & wouldn't b here today. 

Because of you, I now help others. I teach cycling & help Rosie w/ her fitness camps. 

U R THE BOMB Clarence!!! Real talk!" - E. Johann Richard


"Just wanted to let you know about the 5K I ran yesterday (The Susan G. Komen 5K). I remember you asked me about my goals when I started and I told you I signed up for a 5K and wanted to break 27mins, which was my time from the last 5K I ran in 2002. Before the race my girlfriend challenged me to run it in 25mins. I thought that was a stretch considering I haven't run more than 2 miles since the last 5K. 

Of course, I was doing movement prep at the start line while every one else was doing static stretches. There were some crazy looks, but I was ready for the run! I felt good through the first half of the run but I cramped up and had to walk for a little bit two times. However, I got to the 4km mark and started to run faster w/o any problems. I guess my kick at the end and my pace in the first half was pretty good because I ended up finishing in 24:20. If it wasn't for the cramps, I'm pretty sure I would've broken 24mins, possibly 23mins.

Thanks again for pushing us in class, the results keep coming!" - Ulrick Casseus

"I wanted to thank you also for caring about us. My schedule has been so crazy these past few weeks and your calling and texting (LOL) keeps me motivated. In another program, I would have let my schedule get the best of me and quit by now. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know how much we appreciate your commitment to our weight loss goals. You're doing a great job!" - Lynnette Jackson

"I lost 3 pounds last week, eating mostly raw foods, steamed veggies. Very little animal protein, mostly garbanzo and blackbeans. I have so much more energy too." - Mia Stewart

"I followed the "Duhart Method" and lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks (from 208 to 193)!!" -
Rob Smith

"HPT is without a doubt, a top rated fitness program. I’d even say, the greatest group exercise class I’ve ever participated in. My evaluation is based on having played soccer for nearly 15 years and trained with Explosive Performance, Pro Speed, Primal Fitness, as well as professional trainers during my four years of college soccer which simply pale in comparison.

 Reason being our trainer’s positive attitude, creativity with the environment he’s working with and especially the fun and challenging atmosphere he generates within the class." - Paniz Asgara

"This class has changed how I view the group fitness class experience. Clarence treats each of his students like they were his only, leaving you feeling important and highly energized. I am gaining muscle, toning and developing cardio endurance that I never knew I had. I truly love this class and think it’s a great addition to the group fitness program. " - Jennie Kandor

"Clarence is awesome and I love the class. It is the best I have ever taken. Clarence is great and keeps all of us motivated to work hard and look forward to coming back to continue to see results. I have never taken a class where I push myself beyond where I ever thought I could go and actually enjoy doing it thanks to the positive feedback from Clarence and the great group we work out with." -
Janis Beiber

"I have never taken a class that I have gotten anything out of before. HPT gets me out of the bed in the morning and I am never disappointed with the hour session. -
Mary Lenahan

"Best exercise class I have taken – actually motivates me - hardest I have worked my body since high school." -
Carin Robinson

"Just wanted to thank you for your continued encouragement and motivation towards our weight loss goals. To date I have lost a total of 16 lbs. in 2 months. I feel great! My friends and I were joking and saying that we are going to enjoy being PYTs (Pretty Young Thangs) this Summer. LOL  I'm looking forward to the coming months. Thanks so much!"
Lynnette Jackson

"Clarence, When I started HPT (High Performance Training - CD Fitness) on April 6, one of my goals was to lower my body fat percentage by 2 points in 90 days. I had my body fat percentage taken last Wednesday, 30 days after my initial measurement, and my body fat percentage already dropped 2% and I gained 1 lb (gained lean muscle and lost fat) as well. Thanks for the motivation and the nutrition tips, I'm looking forward to even more progress as we get into the summer!" - Ulrick Casseus
Note: This is great and he is a very fit young man to start which makes his progress even more special!

"Thanks for the pushing and prodding. To date, I have lost 12lbs and 6in…(in 4 weeks)!" - Lashon Hilliard

  "Hi Clarence, While I'm recuperating from our workout this morning, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some significant progress since we started in mid-March (1 day per week for 6 weeks).

First is that, thanks to you, my size 10 clothes no longer fit because I've dropped to an 8! I haven't worn an 8 for at least 3 years and it wasn't for lack of effort but lack of consistency in my diet,exercise and attitude. Oh, I'd start out strong for a couple of weeks and then lapse right back into my old habits. Nobody (to include myself) ever held me accountable for seeing it through and making it a part of my life rather than just a program with a beginning and end. 

Sure, there have been a few set backs since starting the program but you encouraged me to get right back on track without dwelling on what I didn't do. As a result, I feel stronger, eat much better and have even joined hiking and biking groups in addition to the workouts we do.

So it's not just about the clothes although it feels pretty damn good to get there but about finally finding something that works and sticking to it. Clarence, thank you for all of your motivation, guidance and inspiration. It's definitely made a difference in so many ways." - Carole Plato

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month in this fitness program. Not only have I lost weight, I have gone down a dress size. I lost 9 pounds in the first three weeks and I feel great! I have more energy, feel more confident and am excited about the fact that I am doing something for myself. What's even better is the fact that Clarence truly cares about each one of us and pushes us to accomplish goals that we have set for ourselves as well as goals that he knows we are too afraid to set for ourselves. I am looking forward to the coming months. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get in shape, in a fun, relaxed, supportive and most importantly caring environment."  - Lynnette Jackson


"That was a good one. Very challenging. My fitness goals are building upper body muscle mass by strength training, building higher endurance, and then maintaining flexibility. HPT (High Performance Training) pushed me like I haven't been pushed in a while. Great class tone and spirit." - Chris Davis

196 lbs this week...199 lbs last week...201 lbs two weeks ago...204 lbs three weeks ago...208 lbs four weeks ago!

I had some lack of discipline this weekend , but will get back to it this week - Rob Smith

"Last week 145 lbs...Today 140 lbs! This is definately going in the right direction. When we started reporting I was 149 I've lost 9 lbs in the last two weeks! To do one better- when Joy, Adrienne and I decided to start our weight challenge I weighed 153 lbs.

So the total weight loss looks like this:

Date Weight Lb Difference
3/16 153 NA
3/21 149 -4
3/28 145 -4
4/3 140 -5
For a total loss of 13 lbs!" - Nicole Pugh

"The pass 2 weeks of working out have been GREAT, I hate mornings but I love the feeling after completing the class. You cannot buy this feeling, my weight loss is slow, but the inches are great and my family sees a difference already.
I feel the difference and NOW I hate too miss a class. 
Thanks for pushing us above our own levels of physical and mental endurance." - Jeanette Wanzer





























































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