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Living Social Trial Offer

We are so confident that you'll love your results from High Performance Training that we are offering $39 for 2 Full Months of Unlimited Boot Camp with our most current Amazon Local and Living Social deals. What other fitness program in the area or in the country can say that?  

Here is how you get started:

1) Purchase the Amazon Local or Living Social deal. Must be 18 and over to purchase a trial.  Teenagers from ages 13 to 17 can be given a voucher as a gift, and must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian) at all times who is actually in class with the teenager during the trial.  

Email Clarence to confirm your desired start date, class time, and  location. Be sure to mention your Amazon Local or Living Social deal, full name as listed on your state issued ID, and voucher code. Include all emails and full names if responding for a group of 2 or more people.

We will then send you an email to start class once your enrollment has been confirmed. Please give us 24 to 48 hours to respond due to the high volume of daily emails to members and guest. We do not allow walk-ins without prior written confirmation from our main office so please follow the steps to get started.

3) Complete our 2-page guest forms to bring with you to your confirmed boot camp location. New participants must bring their completed guest forms and state issued ID to class on their first day to be able to participate in class. Please use your full name as listed on your ID when completing the guest forms. For teenagers, the parent/guardian member or trial guest must print and sign their name at the bottom of the teen's guest forms. 

*CDFit restrictions: Amazon Local and Living Social deals are for first-time participants of CD Fit, only, and are not available for CDFit members and previous guest (past, present, or promo) who have already received an initial promo trial (free trials, Groupon, LS, AL, etc...). The deal can not be combined, switched, or exchanged with other offers. The 2 month membership will run consecutively, and will be confirmed via email. Once confirmed via email the 2 month period can not be rescheduled or extended. We can only offer one opportunity for a trial of our program.

You will need to bring:
1) Water

2) Running shoes (you can wear the best athletic shoes that you have to start, if necessary, but you will need to get fitted by a specialty running-shoe store as soon as possible - click here to learn more). We suggest stores like: Fleet Feet, RnJ Sports, Pacers, Georgetown Running Company, and Metro Run and Walk. It is important to have the proper support for your feet to prevent injury, so please visit one of these stores as soon as possible.  

3) Exercise gloves

4) Dumbbells (set of 10 to 35 lbs each to start depending on your strength). The goal is to get stronger and not to do every rep, so please bring a weight that will really challenge you to complete 8 to 10 reps (ie: Overhead Shoulder Presses).  You can not get stronger with small light weights. Honestly, 10 lb dumbbells are really small, but we will allow that at the very minimum for beginner fitness levels.  Please do not bring anything smaller, and we will access if you need something heavier based on your ability. Teens can start a little lighter in weights as needed.

Heavy Weights vs. High Reps (What works best?)
5) Please dress in layers to be prepared for indoor or outdoor training.  Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to class to ensure that you are able to warm-up properly before the main workout. 

6) Subscribe to our Lifestyle Newsletter to stay up to date with program events, specials, and class cancellations due to severe weather, holidays, etc...


We stand by our mission - to provide the highest quality, most effective high-intensity training program and to push people to peak fitness desires - and to have fun.

Start now – and get into the best shape of your life!

Membership: If you decide to join as a client after your initial trial the membership is only $25 to enroll and $90 per month.  The initial payment of $205 includes the enrollment fee, the first month of membership, and the last month in advance. If joining mid-month we will add the prorated amount for that month to your initial payment.  We use Paypal for memberships and we will email you an invoice to complete your enrollment once you have decided to join.  

The minimum term is 2 months and you will only need to give us 30 days written notice to cancel by the 1st of the month via email to at which time your last month deposit will be applied toward your final month of membership.  Most members stay with the program for many years for maximum success. The basic terms are listed with each Paypal invoice which you will be able to review once you have decided to join as a client after your initial trial.  It is not mandatory to join as an on-going client after your trial, and we will review your decision toward the end of your trial term.

So, enjoy your experience and we look forward to working with you.


Teenagers Train Free with CD Fit Members!

"Nobody ever held me accountable for seeing it through and making it a part of my life rather than just a program with a beginning and end. I feel stronger, eat much better and have even joined hiking and biking groups in addition to the workouts we do. Clarence, thank you for all of your motivation, guidance and inspiration. It's definitely made a difference in so many ways." 
 - Carole Plato

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