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Schedules and Locations

High Performance Training boot camp is continually expanding to reach communities across the Washington DC, MD and VA areas.  Please check our site regularly to find out about the newest boot camp location and time.

Currently, we have 9 class locations available in the DC, MD, and VA area which are outlined below. Classes are held outside from April through October, then classes move inside from November through March.  We ask that members dress in layers during the winter to prepare for the occasional run outdoors if the weather permits. The links to the indoor winter locations are listed below each class listing in the main schedule (winter months only).

As a member (trial and on-going client) you will have unlimited attendance access to your enrolled class (4 days per week).  You will also be able to visit all of the other classes 2 times per week to each class location and time outside of your own class. That is twice a week to each and every class location and time outside of your primary class. You will just need to present your state issued ID and sign the daily attendance form upon each visit to an alternate class outside of your primary class.  You can also transfer classes once every 3 to 4 months, so please contact the CD Fit administrative office via email if ever needed. This will give you some flexibility in case of a schedule change. 

All classes are available with open enrollment, and new members/trial guest can start class on any scheduled class day once you have received written approval of a confirmed start date via email from our administrative office.  Classes are on-going, so please follow the easy steps listed on the promotional offer page for first-time participants of CD Fit to get started.  We do not allow walk-ins to class, so please take a quick moment to get confirmed by following the steps listed on the corresponding page on our site for your trial offer (Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local, etc).


Below is the list of classes and locations, and proceeding this information are the class details (meeting locations, rain policy, bonus days, etc...):






Georgetown Waterfront Park

3300 Water Street NW

Washington, DC  20007

Mon, Tues, Thur, & Fri*

5:55am to 6:55am

Clarence Duhart 


SWW/Francis Stevens Education Campus

2425 N street NW

Washington, DC  20037

Mon, Tues, Wed*, & Thurs

1) 6:15pm to 7pm

2) 7pm to 8pm

Aaron Holliday 


Lincolnia United Methodist Church

6335 Little River Turnpike

Alexandria, VA  22312

Temporary Freeze Until Further Notice

Mon, Tues, Wed*, & Thur

7:00pm to 8:00pm



Braden Field/St Hugh's School

145 Crescent Rd

Greenbelt, MD  20770

(Formerly the Magnolia ES class in Lanham, MD)

Mon, Tues, Wed*, & Thur

7:00pm to 8:00pm

Brent Mattocks


Buddy Attick Park & Greenbelt Lake

555 Crescent Rd

Greenbelt, MD  20770

Mon, Tues, Thur, and Fri*

5:45am to 6:45am

Brent Mattocks


Lake Arbor Elementary School

10205 Lake Arbor Way

Mitchellville/Bowie, MD  20721

Mon,Tues, Wed*, & Thurs

1) 6:15pm to 7pm

2) 7pm to 8pm

Judson Tallandier


Largo/Kettering/Perrywood Community Center

431 Watkins Park Drive

Upper Marlboro, MD  20774

(1 block from Watkins Park)

Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri*

1) 5:00am to 5:45am

2) 5:45am to 6:45am

Judson Tallandier


Silver Spring International Middle School

313 Wayne Ave

Silver Spring, MD  20910

Mon, Tues*, Wed, & Thur

1) 6:15pm to 7:00pm

2) 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Darren Jones


Woodside Urban Park

8800 Georgia Ave

Silver Spring, MD  20910

Mon, Tues, Thur, & Fri*

5:45am to 6:45am

Darren Jones


A.  Meet on the colorful circle/sundial in the park. Corner of 33rd and Water Street which is the same as K Street extended. K street turns into Water street once you cross over Wisconsin Ave going west. Plenty of free parking on the street until 7am. Foggy Bottom Metro is 8 blocks away. 

 Meet near the basketball courts located through the parking lot and behind the school. Plenty of free parking in the school lot. 

Meet in the large church parking lot, and parking is free.  The class will use a large sectioned off area of the lot everyday for the outdoor workouts. TEMPORARY FREEZE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE....

D. Meet on the basketball courts which are located on the right side of the school parking lot and toward the back (next to playground). The class will use the entire area around Braden Field and Buddy Attick Park/Greenbelt Lake which is adjacent to the field and school. Free parking in the main lot near the basketball courts as you enter the school grounds and driving toward Braden Field. 

E. Meet on the basketball courts which are next to the playground and restrooms.  Free parking in the main parking lot.  

Meet on the basketball courts and park in the lot.  The class will be held on the basketball court, football field, and throughout the surrounding area. Free parking in lot.

Meet on the basketball courts near the playground and free parking in the lot.  

H.  Meet in the main parking lot located at the front of school (corner of Dale and Wayne Ave). Class will use the entire area around the school property at SS Intl. for the workouts including the fields and courts at Sligo Elementary, so be sure to arrive on time.  

I. Meet on the basketball courts (Spring, Summer, and Fall) or inside the gymnasium (Winter) next to the parking lot of the Dept of Health and Human Services (8818 Georgia Ave). Free parking in the DHHS parking lot, and on the street.


RAIN POLICY: All classes are held outdoors from Spring through Fall, and we use indoor facilities during the Winter.  During the outdoor season we typically have class rain or shine, and we have covered areas on rain days for some of the classes.

We would like for all members to arrive to class 5 minutes early each day, and then we will determine the severity of the weather at the start of class.  If it is just raining we will move the classes to one of our large covered areas for your particular class, if available.  But, we always ask that you meet at the regular location first for us to determined what is best.  

If it is a severe storm at the start of class (thunder and lightning) then we will cancel class at that time.  We only cancel class in advance if there is a forecast for extreme weather such as a hurricane or tornado which are rare.  Our experience is that most weather predictions are not as bad as expected and that we will still be able have class.

We will send out an email via our newsletter if we have to cancel, so please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and current.

MembershipIf you decide to join as a client after your initial 2 Month Trial for $39 the membership is only $25 to enroll and $90 per month.  The initial payment of $$205 includes $25 for the enrollment fee, $90 for the first month of membership, and $90 for the last month in advance. If joining mid-month we will add the prorated amount for that month to your initial payment.  We use Paypal for memberships and we will email you an invoice to complete your enrollment once you have decided to join. 

The minimum term is 2 months paid and you will only need to give us 30 days written notice to cancel by the 1st of the month via email to at which time your last month deposit will be applied toward your final month of membership.  Most members stay with the program for many years for maximum success. The basic terms are listed with each Paypal invoice which you will be able to review once you have decided to join as a client after your initial trial.  It is not mandatory to join as an on-going client after your trial, and we will review your decision toward the end of your trial term.

So, enjoy your experience and we look forward to working with you.


Teenagers Train Free with CD Fit Members!

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