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CD FIT Meal Plan for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and More Energy

Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan - Excel

Recipe PDF for Plant Based Meal Plan

Books on Plant Based Eating

A Guide to Body Composition

Sugar: A Primer

Five Steps To Become A Morning Workout Person

7 Ways to Ease Pain and Avoid Injury

How to Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Cook Once, Eat Healthy All Week: Here's How To ACTUALLY Do It (For Under $35)

How to Avoid and Treat Hamstring Strains

Meal Prep In Under An Hour

Low Back Pain Relief (One Move!)

Don't Give Up...Get It Done!

Meal Plan (Carb-Cycling)

Tips for Accelerated Weight Loss

Aggressive Dieting for Short-Term Goals (2-3 Weeks Max)

The Importance of Fruits in Fitness

#1 Fix to Get Lean and Increase Energy

Study Reveals the Trick to a Faster Metabolism

Top 12 Reasons Why Your Diet is NOT Working

Lose Weight without Cutting Calories

10 Truths for Eating Healthy on a Budget (and 3 Lies)

What is Foam Rolling and Why Should I Do it?

The Basic Rules to Start Running

10 "Health" Foods that Can Kill You

6 Pack Abs Nutrition (HOW TO EAT FOR ABS!) 

Latest Research on Omega-3 Benefits

4 Easy Steps to Meal Prep

Optional Core and Abs Workout Video - 10 Minutes

Shin Splints

11 Ways to Crush Food Addiction

Pre-workout Nutrition

Understanding the Glycemic Index

Muscle Preservation During Long Periods of Fasting or Lack of Food

5 Ways to Drop Your Sugar Addiction

5 Rules for Eating Carbohydrates

6 Ways to Target and Eliminate Belly Fat

Teenagers Train Free with CD Fit Members

Heavy Weights vs. High Reps (What works best?)

Recommended Books on Nutrition and Fitness

Eating Guide to Reduce Body Fat and Build Lean Muscle

How to Use a Foam Roller for Muscle Recovery

Body Fat Percentage Scale

Why You Should Eat Often

Carbs for Fat Loss and Protein for Muscle Building

Recovery From Exercise

Home Body Fat Testing

Why Body Fat Testing: How Different 150 lbs Can Look

Top 10 Fat-Burning Foods
The Right Running-Shoe Fit
Attention Protein Skeptics: 5 Reasons You Need To Become A True Believer

Allergy Hot Spots Inside the House 

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